Hives are split and we are hoping the girls will make new Queens

Last Saturday I checked out the state of the colonies and 3 of them where so strong, I had to split out a few frames of brood to assure they will not be inclined to swarm away from me any time soon.

I did what is called a “walk-away split” where I only take one or two frames of very young brood, make sure there is no queen on them, and move it over to a new, empty hive box. I then add 2-3 frames of honey and pollen to the mix, then set them out to make a new queen, collect honey and pollen and eventually make a new colony by them-self. The Genes of the new colony will be very similar to the original one, but influenced by the genes the queen mates with during her maiden flight. She mates about 7-10 times, in mid air, with Drones from other colonies as well as from her own. It;s amazing and cool to see LINK.

Fingers crossed.


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