February checkup – 1st split of colonies of the year

This is GOOD news. It looks like the two colonies made it really safely through the winter so far. One is doing OK, the other is really doing great and I felt so encouraged that I initiated a walk away split, making two colonies out of one. This does two things,

  1. Reduces the risk of the bees swarming
  2. If it works, it will give me 2 colonies out of one, by fully natural means

The RED top box now contains a frame with mostly brand new bee eggs and young bees, I added some frames with pollen and nectar to it. The setup allows the new split to benefit from the heat the main colony produces. The little mesh is their new entry.

Fingers crossed, they will make a new queen right now. I will check with them next weekend, to see if it all happened the way I expected it.

Hold your breath.

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