High school project – 9th Grade – Preventing the Extinction of Honey Bees

Irvington High School Change Project

Project membersBrandon Hsia, Moneeb Mazhar, Jaden Scheidt, Teresa Gonzalez

Project sponsorsMs. Conlon / Mr. Reznick

In the winter of 2016 I was approached by my Honey customer, Sonal, a number of High school students set out to actually do something about the die-off of bees and they wanted to check with me on the feasibility of their project.





The team landed with a regional victory and received an award.



Here some pictures of our meetings and the Prototype they came up with. The goal of the team was to build a honey harvesting mechanism that least interferes with the bees regular behavior. This very much sounds like a “Flow Hive”, but the goal was to reduce or eliminate any interference with bees lives.

2 thoughts on “High school project – 9th Grade – Preventing the Extinction of Honey Bees

  1. Hey Stephan,
    I think you have two different groups mixed up haha. My group was responsible for the change project at Irvington High School. Perhaps there was another group of people who worked on a honey harvesting mechanism. We were responsible for spreading the awareness of dying honey bees. If you want some pictures of our project, I can send it to you along with our research paper and powerpoint.

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