Pollen for eating

Many people have asked me if I sell Bee Pollen for Human consumption.
No, I don’t sell pollen. Here is why
  1. It is more work than I want to do
  2. If you actually are allergic to the pollen I sell you, the chances are pretty high you will experience an allergic reaction (itching, upset stomach, … all the way to extreme allergic reactions to the pollen you just ate)
  3. Eating Honey containing the pollen you are allergic to will not cause this reaction (or only very rarely) as there are inhibiting agents in the honey, signaling to your body not to react to the pollen.
  4. I heard from a native bee scientist that pollen is concentrating the naturally occurring toxins from our environment.
He stated that for some yet unknown reason bees seem to offload many of the environmentally occurring toxins into the pollen. ==> if you eat the healthy pollen, you also eat a relatively high concentration of toxins.
The pollen in honey is extremely helpful in the fight against allergies caused by pollen. The amounts of pollen in the honey are minuscule and also the honey has ingredients that dampen our bodies readiness to allergic reactions caused by the pollen in the honey ==> making it safer to use seasonal honey for allergy treatment.

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