Bee swarm catching like from the text book

This week I caught a Swarm and all really worked like in the textbook. So I felt the need to write a few lines about it.

  1. Local bee swarm (I was there in 7 minutes)
  2. A super nice person calling in the bee swarm
  3. Bees were in a tree just on chest hight with concrete below. This makes it so easy for the bees to find their way to the queen from the floor.
  4. The swarm dropped into the bee bucked like a charm. ==> Not too many panicked bees at the time of drop.
  5. The ~1000 bees left in the tree and in the air all seem to get the message of where the queen moved to and within 20-30 min almost completely moved in with her into my bucket, it was a true sight of beauty how nature works beautifully. (The march of the bees)
  6. During the drive home in my Fiat 500, the bees stayed in the back and did not bother me or freak out in any way.
  7. After being dropped into their new home, they accepted it right away and started building out their new home almost on arrival.
  8. Beautiful. I love bees, try to help as much as I can, one bee at a time.

Here is a short Video of the March. 

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