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We are a family keeping bees in our back yard and yards in our close neighborhood. We are keeping bees since 2007. Every year we learn a little more about the girls, every year we get to understand a little more about what they need to thrive.

Our bees don’t get any kind of treatment other than love, the honey only gets filtered through a rough screen and never heated. The bees keep more than enough to make it through the winter. This assures the bees stay healthy and strong, even in the winter times. Not heating the honey assures it keeps all of its medicinal value and great taste.
The result is great tasting honey, right from your neighborhood.


From our 1st hive in April 2008 we learned to treat the bees with respect and start listening to them.
They have a lot to tell us, we just need to listen.


We now have 10-15 hives under our care.


This is how we started April 2008 a UPS delivery truck brought us 3lb of live Bees.
He was not thrilled, but we were excited.
That evening, just before sunset we brought them all to their new home in our Backyard.

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  1. Hi Stephan. Thanks for your time today. I can’t wait to taste the honey I bought for my friend today. She has to let me try it… I got such a big jar that she won’t be able to finish it on her own!
    I hope we’ll get to visit you this summer.

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